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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
xvm-prodconfig 2767   15 years broder The authz.mech option in configuration is no longer used.
xvm-munin-config 2287   15 years quentin Monitor howmany processes are currently wiping an LV
xvm-meta 2603   15 years broder Add xvm-authz-locker dependency to the xvm-master metapackage.
xvm-mail-config 2283   15 years broder In xvm-mail-config: * Add a few more options to to deal with …
xvm-iscsi-config 1989   15 years broder Fix-up several packages to include the correct Conflicts and Replaces …
xvm-devconfig 2847   15 years gdb Changed layout of netmask, gateway, vg in config
xvm-db-backup 2536   15 years broder In xvm-db-backup: * Let the config file specify a list of tables to …
xvm-authz-locker 2769   15 years broder Use breaks instead of conflicts in xvm-authz-locker.
python-routefs 981   16 years broder Import RouteFS for new versions of ConsoleFS and RemconfFS
python-pydhcplib 2109   15 years broder python-pydhcplib is really Architecture: all.
python-afs 2599   15 years broder Import python-afs. Debathena should eventually be importing PyAFS for …
libapache2-mod-auth-sslcert 1801   16 years broder Punt the now unneeded debian/docs file in libapache2-mod-auth-sslcert
invirt-xen-config 2832   15 years gdb Fixd speling eror
invirt-web-iptables 1427   16 years broder Enable IP forwarding on the web server so that VNC works
invirt-web 2815   15 years broder Fix modifying powered-on machines.
invirt-vnc-server 2179   15 years broder Update invirt-vnc-server and invirt-xen-config to accept the Xen 3.3 …
invirt-vnc-client 2262   15 years quentin Update changelog
invirt-svn-server 2110   15 years broder invirt-svn-server is also Architecture: all.
invirt-remote 2516   15 years price Style fixes in, and Debian changelog for, list and listuser.
invirt-manual-config 1954   16 years price add a todo for installability work
invirt-images 1854   16 years price invirt-images: architecture should be 'all'
invirt-host-master 2244   15 years broder LP #216761 has been fixed on Hardy, so we don't need to work around it.
invirt-dns 2210   15 years price changelog
invirt-dhcp 2491   15 years oremanj [invirt-dhcp] Improve standards compliance Provide a …
invirt-dev 2838   15 years broder Regardless of any success or failure, always remove the build queue …
invirt-database 2798   15 years andersk Generate postgresql.conf with LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 pg_createcluster. …
invirt-console 2444   15 years broder In invirt-console: * Disable the sftp subsystem on the console …
invirt-cluster-config 2799   15 years quentin Configure fence_manual fencing
invirt-base 2766   15 years broder Have authz providers use an invirt.authz module. xvm-authz-locker now …
invirt-autoinstaller 2849   15 years gdb Moved network info under xen
hvirt-devconfig 2848   15 years gdb Changed layout of netmask, gateway, vg in hvirt config
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