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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
invirt-autoinstaller 2128   15 years broder Need to pass -y to aptitude.
invirt-base 2151   15 years broder Move invirt-setquotas into invirt-database. While we're at it, clean …
invirt-cluster-config 2023   15 years broder Correctly generate cluster.conf for a two-node cluster.
invirt-console 2157   15 years broder Use a simpler query construct in ConsoleFS.
invirt-database 2158   15 years broder Be explicit about units in invirt-setquota.
invirt-database-server 2133   15 years iannucci Bumped version number to force new owner table creation
invirt-dev 1863   15 years price invirt-build-release: factor out distribution
invirt-dhcp 1904   15 years broder Punt empty directory tree.
invirt-dns 2037   15 years broder The DNS server shouldn't error if dns.zone_files isn't set in the config.
invirt-host-master 1983   15 years broder Add a note on how to make multipathed iscsi work
invirt-images 1854   15 years price invirt-images: architecture should be 'all'
invirt-manual-config 1954   15 years price add a todo for installability work
invirt-remote 2135   15 years iannucci Made some changes requested by Broder.
invirt-svn-server 2110   15 years broder invirt-svn-server is also Architecture: all.
invirt-vnc-client 2056   15 years broder Add missing dependency on java6-sdk to invirt-vnc-client.
invirt-vnc-server 2028   15 years broder invirt-vnc-server should depend on openssl.
invirt-web 2141   15 years iannucci fixed a minor bug in
invirt-web-iptables 1427   16 years broder Enable IP forwarding on the web server so that VNC works
invirt-xen-config 2087   15 years price revert r2085 also while I'm touching this code, use run-parts --list …
libapache2-mod-auth-sslcert 1801   16 years broder Punt the now unneeded debian/docs file in libapache2-mod-auth-sslcert
python-pydhcplib 2109   15 years broder python-pydhcplib is really Architecture: all.
python-routefs 981   16 years broder Import RouteFS for new versions of ConsoleFS and RemconfFS
xvm-db-backup 1725   16 years broder Add cron dependencies for packages that should have it
xvm-devconfig 2130   15 years quentin Add quentin to errormail_exclude
xvm-iscsi-config 1989   15 years broder Fix-up several packages to include the correct Conflicts and Replaces …
xvm-mail-config 1989   15 years broder Fix-up several packages to include the correct Conflicts and Replaces …
xvm-meta 1915   15 years price cut -storage-config, move -clster-config dependency to xvm-host
xvm-munin-config 1989   15 years broder Fix-up several packages to include the correct Conflicts and Replaces …
xvm-prodconfig 2118   15 years broder Specify whether to authenticate PRDB lookups for each AFS cell in the …
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