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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
libapache2-mod-auth-sslcert 950   16 years broder Import libapache2-mod-auth-sslcert
libyaml 898   16 years hartmans Add pyyaml and libyaml packages backported from lenny. There is …
python-routefs 981   16 years broder Import RouteFS for new versions of ConsoleFS and RemconfFS
pyyaml 958   16 years price pyyaml Build-Depends on python-all-dbg
sipb-xen-autoinstaller 1083   16 years broder Skip kpartx call when running autoinstaller on physical devices
sipb-xen-base 1009   16 years broder Use Hardy's Debathena
sipb-xen-chrony-config 948   16 years price svn:ignore
sipb-xen-clvm-config 948   16 years price svn:ignore
sipb-xen-console 1072   16 years broder Update nss-pgsql.conf.mako to reflect new (more sane) config file format
sipb-xen-console-server 936   16 years price svn:ignore
sipb-xen-database 1079   16 years broder Some fixes in the sipb-database Xen config script
sipb-xen-dev 1053   16 years broder Don't sign packages when built with sx-build-release
sipb-xen-dhcp 1042   16 years broder Remove the hack to reconnect to the database if it goes away
sipb-xen-dns 1018   16 years broder Update SQLAlchemy code in sipb-xen-dns
sipb-xen-dom0 1087   16 years price record a configurization todo in sipb-xen-dom0 This is pointed out in …
sipb-xen-host-master 675   16 years price update host-master package and notes
sipb-xen-iptables 1055   16 years broder invirt-configurize sipb-xen-iptables
sipb-xen-python-pydhcplib 1039   16 years broder Ok - that didn't work. Explicitly specify Python 2.5, and fix the …
sipb-xen-remctl-auto 1089   16 years broder Respond to remctl install requests by passing the options onto Xen
sipb-xen-remote-server 1088   16 years broder Expose an interface to the autoinstaller over remctl and validate options
sipb-xen-vnc-client 959   16 years price fix distribution hardy -> unstable in several changelogs Didn't …
sipb-xen-vnc-server 1030   16 years broder Update sipb-xen-vnc-server dependencies for Hardy
sipb-xen-www 1074   16 years broder Fix a SQLAlchemyism in the web code
xvm-devconfig 954   16 years broder Update master.yaml to reflect new name for sx-blade-2
xvm-prodconfig 1070   16 years broder Move the console server to
  • Property svn:ignore set to
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