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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
libapache2-mod-auth-sslcert 950   16 years broder Import libapache2-mod-auth-sslcert
libyaml 898   16 years hartmans Add pyyaml and libyaml packages backported from lenny. There is …
python-routefs 981   16 years broder Import RouteFS for new versions of ConsoleFS and RemconfFS
pyyaml 958   16 years price pyyaml Build-Depends on python-all-dbg
sipb-xen-autoinstaller 949   16 years price remove DH_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE=.svn from rules files The right solution is …
sipb-xen-base 1009   16 years broder Use Hardy's Debathena
sipb-xen-chrony-config 948   16 years price svn:ignore
sipb-xen-clvm-config 948   16 years price svn:ignore
sipb-xen-console 888   16 years y_z generate config files using mako
sipb-xen-console-server 936   16 years price svn:ignore
sipb-xen-database 1008   16 years broder Update sipb-xen- Update invirt.database to not be transactional by default
sipb-xen-dev 971   16 years price depend on quilt, patchutils, and config-package-dev in sipb-xen-dev
sipb-xen-dhcp 942   16 years price svn:ignore
sipb-xen-dns 1004   16 years broder Actually include a requirement for twisted.names
sipb-xen-dom0 997   16 years price sipb-xen-dom0 depend on sipb-xen-base
sipb-xen-host-master 675   16 years price update host-master package and notes
sipb-xen-iptables 948   16 years price svn:ignore
sipb-xen-python-pydhcplib 948   16 years price svn:ignore
sipb-xen-remctl-auto 998   16 years price start inetd in remctl-auto init script
sipb-xen-remote-server 991   16 years price more sqlalchemy-0.4 changes
sipb-xen-vnc-client 959   16 years price fix distribution hardy -> unstable in several changelogs Didn't …
sipb-xen-vnc-server 942   16 years price svn:ignore
sipb-xen-www 1001   16 years broder Update (at least some of) the web code to work with newer a SQLAlchemy
xvm-devconfig 954   16 years broder Update master.yaml to reflect new name for sx-blade-2
xvm-prodconfig 1006   16 years broder Update the dns prod config to be less of a lie, at least for now
  • Property svn:ignore set to
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