source: trunk/packages/sipb-xen-guest-installer/sipb-xen-guest-installer/partial/cdrom.patch @ 201

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a system for building guest images on demand (partially implemented)

The plan, roughly, is

  1. we download an upstream install CD iso, mount it, copy out the contents;
  2. when a user wants a VM, the script makes a copy, applies a small static patch (mostly a preseed file for the installer), adds a few vm-dependent variables to the preseed, maybe makes some other changes here, then makes an iso from that;
  3. we boot a vm from the new iso, with the empty volume as /dev/hda, and let the installer run.

This checkin implements 2 and 3, when run in an appropriate testing
environment, but I haven't adapted it to the real environment yet.
Step 2 turns out to be surprisingly fast; much less than a second.
Step 3, unfortunately, is looking like 20 minutes, maybe 10 if we
work at tightening it. We'll want to mitigate that somehow.

Code in the 'partial' directory is meant to be moved elsewhere
as it gets integrated.

File size: 538 bytes
  • isolinux/isolinux.cfg

    diff -Nur cdrom.old/isolinux/isolinux.cfg cdrom/isolinux/isolinux.cfg
    old new  
    1212F9 f9.txt
    1313F0 f10.txt
    15 DEFAULT install
     15DEFAULT sipb-xen-install
     17LABEL sipb-xen-install
     18       kernel /install.amd/vmlinuz
     19       append auto=true preseed/file=/cdrom/preseed.cfg priority=critical vga=normal fb=false initrd=/install.amd/initrd.gz --
    1721LABEL install
    1822       kernel /install.amd/vmlinuz
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