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Last change on this file since 87 was 87, checked in by hartmans, 17 years ago
  • Add qemu-dm-sipb written by andersk to get us the domain ID in qemu-ifup
  • Add vif-sipbroute, a version of vif-route that does better netwwork isolation and has initial but useless ipv6 support. This version also uses arpspoof to take over an address for domain migrations.
  • Add init script to enable rp_filter, proxy_arp and forwarding for the network config.
  • Property svn:executable set to *
File size: 304 bytes
3for i; do
4    if [ "$domid" = "_NEXT_" ]; then
5        domid=$i
6        break
7    elif [ "$i" = "-d" ]; then
8        domid=_NEXT_
9    fi
11export domid
12echo 'BEGIN qemu-dm-sipb LOG' >> /tmp/log
13echo "$0 $@" >> /tmp/log
14env >> /tmp/log
15echo 'END qemu-dm-sipb LOG' >> /tmp/log
16exec "$ROOT/bin/qemu-dm" "$@"
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