source: trunk/packages/sipb-xen-console/debian/transform_sshd.sipb-xen @ 1068

Last change on this file since 1068 was 1062, checked in by broder, 16 years ago

Update config files to work with Hardy

Switch them to use DEB_TRANSFORM_FILES in the process

  • Property svn:executable set to *
File size: 668 bytes
2echo "# If they're not root, but their user exists (success),"
3echo 'auth    [success=ignore ignore=ignore default=1 module_unknown=die] uid > 0'
4echo "# print the \"You don\'t have tickets\" error:"
5echo 'auth    [success=die ignore=reset default=die module_unknown=die] file=/etc/'
6echo "# If !(they are root),"
7echo 'auth    [success=1 ignore=ignore default=ignore module_unknown=die] uid eq 0'
8echo "# print the \"your account doesn't exist\" error:"
9echo 'auth    [success=die ignore=reset default=die module_unknown=die] file=/etc/'
11exec cat
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