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Add pyyaml and libyaml packages
backported from lenny.
There is discussion about how these should go in the repository; these are added in this form
in order to make forward progress.

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1Metadata-Version: 1.0
2Name: PyYAML
3Version: 3.05
4Summary: YAML parser and emitter for Python
6Author: Kirill Simonov
8License: MIT
10Description: YAML is a data serialization format designed for human readability and
11        interaction with scripting languages.  PyYAML is a YAML parser and
12        emitter for Python.
14        PyYAML features a complete YAML 1.1 parser, Unicode support, pickle
15        support, capable extension API, and sensible error messages.  PyYAML
16        supports standard YAML tags and provides Python-specific tags that allow
17        to represent an arbitrary Python object.
19        PyYAML is applicable for a broad range of tasks from complex
20        configuration files to object serialization and persistance.
21Platform: Any
22Classifier: Development Status :: 4 - Beta
23Classifier: Intended Audience :: Developers
24Classifier: License :: OSI Approved :: MIT License
25Classifier: Operating System :: OS Independent
26Classifier: Programming Language :: Python
27Classifier: Topic :: Software Development :: Libraries :: Python Modules
28Classifier: Topic :: Text Processing :: Markup
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