source: trunk/packages/invirt-xen-config/debian/transform_xend-config.sxp.invirt.mako

Last change on this file was 2995, checked in by broder, 14 years ago

Revert "Bump dom0-min-mem so that hopefully we OOM kill less."

OOM conditions were more likely caused by the lack of swap.

This reverts commit r2994

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File size: 726 bytes
[1261]1#!/usr/bin/perl -0n
2print <<'EOF';
4from invirt.config import structs as cfg
5import os
[2972]6fqdn = os.uname()[1]
7internal_ip = None
8# This hack is necessary because cfg.hosts is an array rather than a dict.
9for host in cfg.hosts:
10  if host.hostname == fqdn:
11    internal_ip = host.internal_ip
12    break
14class xend_template_exception(Exception): pass
15if internal_ip is None:
16  raise xend_template_exception('Could not find an internal IP in the configuration for host %s' % fqdn)
[2972]20s/^\#?\(xend-relocation-address ''\)/(xend-relocation-address '\${internal_ip}')/m or die;
[1261]21s/^\(xend-relocation-hosts-allow '[^']*'\)/(xend-relocation-hosts-allow '')/m or die;
[2995]22s/^\(dom0-min-mem [0-9]*\)/(dom0-min-mem 1536)/m or die;
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