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[2692]1<%page expression_filter="h"/>
2<%inherit file="skeleton.mako" />
[2692]4<%def name="title()">
8<h1>XVM &mdash; Virtual Servers for MIT </h1>
[1652]10<p><strong></strong> is a virtualization service for the
11MIT community.  We offer <strong>virtual machines</strong>&mdash;your
[1683]12own complete system on which you can start from our <strong>three-minute
[1652]13Debian or Ubuntu install</strong> or install the <strong>operating
14system of your choice</strong>.  The service is <strong>free</strong>
15to any Athena account holder.</p>
[2910]17%if os.path.exists("/etc/invirt/motd.html"):
[2812]18<div class="result">
[2910]19<p class="error">${open('/etc/invirt/motd.html').read()|n}</p>
[608]23<p>MIT users:</p>
[2808]25href="https://${config.web.hostname}/"><strong><font color="green">&rarr;</font> Log in to XVM using MIT certificates</strong>
28href="https://${config.web.hostname}:442/"><strong><font color="green">&rarr;</font> Log in to XVM using Kerberos Tickets</strong>
[2907]31<p>In order to log in, you'll need to obtain <a href="">MIT certificates</a></p>
[608]33<h2>XVM features:</h2>
35<li>Online management of virtual machines</li>
36<li>A wide selection of bootable CD-ROM images and installers</li>
[1652]37<li>An automated Debian and Ubuntu installer</li>
[608]38<li>Secure VNC console access via a Java applet</li>
39<li>Secure serial console access over SSH</li>
40<li>Ownership and access control through Athena lockers and groups</li>
[1661]43<h2>XVM does not feature:</h2>
45<li>backups of VM disk images; images are on a RAID, but you should
46    arrange your own backups for data that is important to you.</li>
47<li>guarantees of uptime or security; we are a best-effort volunteer
48    service, though we follow security and reliability best practices
49    shared by production SIPB services.</li>
[608]52<p>The XVM code base is a <strong>free software</strong> project under
53development, licensed under GPLv2+. If you're interested in using it,
54we'd be happy to help you set it up in your environment. Our Subversion
55repository is</p> <blockquote><a
[510]58<p> is provided by <a href="">SIPB</a>,
[608]59the student computing group at MIT, with generous funding from <a
60href="">IS&amp;T</a>.  Like all SIPB projects, we
61are independently run by our own team of volunteers, and we welcome new
[608]64<p>Questions and feedback welcome at <a
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