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[418]5<head><title>About SIPB Virtual Servers</title>
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[418]13<h1>About SIPB Virtual Servers</h1>
[418]15SIPB Virtual Servers is an experimental service from the <a href="">Student Information Processing Board</a> which attempts to provide members of the MIT community with an easy way to create virtual machines which they can remotely administer.
[418]17<h2>SIPB Virtual Servers is an Alpha Service</h2>
[418]19Lots of services claim to be beta when they're really almost release-worthy. SIPB Virtual Servers is an alpha service in the true sense of the word. This means that we make almost no promises. Specifically, we make <strong>no promises</strong> about:
[420]22<li><strong>Security</strong>: All of the current developers of SIPB Virtual Servers have root access to black-mesa, the host machine for all of the virtual machines, through both root and null instances.</li>
[418]23<li><strong>Uptime</strong>: The SIPB Virtual Servers developers reserve the right to bring down both black-mesa and its VMs without warning or notification.</li>
[420]24<li><strong>Data integrity</strong>: We do not back up data on SIPB Virtual Servers VMs.</li>
[418]27<p>If you're OK with this, we hope you enjoy using and helping us test <a href="/">SIPB Virtual Servers</a>.</p>
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[543]30Questions? Contact <a href=""></a>.
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