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2|   This is a brief summary of changes introduced in each TightVNC   |
3|   release. For more details, please see ChangeLog files included   |
4|   in TightVNC source and binary archives.                          |
7* TightVNC 1.3.9
9  - All platforms: Added support for the standard RFB protocol version
10    3.8 with TightVNC extensions.
12  - All platforms: Made "host:port" parsing maximally compatible with
13    VNC4. Interpreting a number in host names like somehost:5900 as an
14    actual port number if it's not in the range [0..99].
16  - Windows Server: Various user interface enhancements - changes in
17    GUI labels, tray icon with a red border when incoming connections
18    are not possible for any reason, more information in the tray icon
19    tip, smarter logic in displaying the Properties dialog, and more.
21  - Windows Server: Fixed a problem introduced in TightVNC 1.3.8 -
22    default passwords were not respected if user passwords were not
23    set.
25  - Windows Server: Slightly improved handling of passwords. One of
26    the notable changes is that now it's enough to enter a view-only
27    password without providing primary password.
29  - Windows Server: Fixed problems with running WinVNC service and
30    Terminal Services. When a Remote Desktop (RDP) client connected to
31    the console, WinVNC showed black screen and did not restore normal
32    operations even on disconnection of that RDP client. Now, we
33    always share the console correctly, and disable simultaneous RDP
34    and VNC sessions. The changes were ported from VNC 4.1.2.
36  - Windows Server: Better way of simulating Ctrl+Alt+Del. There are
37    reports that this solves the problem with greyed username and
38    password fields on Windows 2003 Server (bug #887617).
40  - Windows Server: Bugfix for the bug #1109102: attempt to restart
41    the machine remotely via TightVNC led to disconnect if there was
42    some non-saved data, and further connections were rejected.
44  - Windows Viewer: Multiple selection now works in file transfers,
45    thanks to developers at Novell and personally Rohit Kumar.
47  - Windows Viewer: The viewer terminated silently when the server
48    dropped connection right after accepting it. Now we report such
49    errors.
51  - Windows version source archive: Included project files for
52    compiling with Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition. Also, all required
53    libraries are now included within the source distribution.
55  - Unix Server: Applied patches from Debian Linux that port Xvnc to
56    x86_64 platform (tightvnc-1.2.9-amd64support.p and
57    tightvnc-1.3_alpha7-x86_64.patch), thanks to Quanah Gibson-Mount.
59  - Java viewer: Implemented scaling, either with a fixed scaling
60    factor or automatic. If Java 2D API is available (Java 1.2 and
61    higher), then high-quality scaling is used. From the other side,
62    the viewer remains compatible with Java 1.1 where it would simply
63    use scaling with much decreased image quality. Scaling can be
64    enabled with new "Scaling Factor" parameter but cannot be
65    controlled from the GUI yet.
67  - Java viewer: Added support for ZRLE encoding.
69  - Java viewer: Disabled focus traversal keys under JVMs 1.4 and
70    higher. This fixes the problem with not sending Tab key events to
71    the VNC server.
73  - Java viewer: Fixed wrong pixel format interpretation at decoding
74    RichCursor pseudo-encoding (local cursor could be rendered in
75    wrong colors).
77  - Other improvements and bugfixes, see ChangeLog files within the
78    distribution for more details.
80* TightVNC 1.3.8, release candidate version
82  - Win32 server: Fixed major problem with disconnecting clients on
83    screen locking, user logoff and logon, in the service mode.
85  - Win32 server: Added support for DFMirage driver direct screen
86    access mode (from DemoForge LLC).
88  - Win32 server: Added support for multiple monitors (from DemoForge
89    LLC).
91  - Win32 server: Improved layout and functionality of the Properties
92    dialog.
94  - Win32 server: More accurate password handling - now the server
95    code tries to distinguish between "empty" and "unset" passwords
96    better.
98  - Win32 server: New -shareall, -shareprimary and -sharearea
99    command-line options, working similarly to the -sharewindow
100    option.
102  - Win32 server: Fixed problems with restoring desktop wallpaper.
104  - Win32 viewer: Fixed bug with not enabling JPEG compression by
105    default.
107  - Win32 viewer: Fixed bug with not setting proper size of the viewer
108    window.
110  - Unix server: Port numbers are now calculated modulo 65536 with
111    vncviewer's -listen option. That makes it possible to listen on
112    TCP ports under 5900.
114  - Java viewer: Automatic encoding selection based on measuring
115    current network throughput.
117  - Other improvements and bugfixes, see ChangeLog files within the
118    distribution for more details.
120* TightVNC 1.3dev7, release candidate version
122  - Win32 server: Fixed the problem with "olemainthreadwndname not
123    responding" in service mode under Windows NT 4.0. Under that OS,
124    the TightVNC service could hang on logoff.
126  - Win32 server: Removed the code for "desktop optimizations" that
127    was rather harmful than useful. Hopefully, this should fix
128    problems with crashing Delphi applications. Also this should
129    prevent settings like font smoothing always set to true on
130    disconnect.
132  - Win32 server: Fixed the issue with port number edit boxes that
133    were labeled incorrectly in the Properties dialog.
135  - Win32 server: Disallowing clipboard transfers in view-only mode.
137  - Win32 server: Fixed the problem with carriage return/linefeed
138    conversion of clipboard data.
140  - Win32 server: Fixed the problem with wallpaper being removed only
141    after completing the initial screen transmission.
143  - Win32 server: Minor improvements in the File Transfers dialog.
145  - Win32 server: More context help messages in Properties and File
146    Transfers dialogs.
148  - Unix server: Fixed a serious bug with sending cursor updates when
149    there was no FrameBufferUpdateRequest from that client.
151  - Unix server: Fixed problems with building Xvnc on modern linux
152    distributions, such as Fedora Core 3.
154  - Unix server: Disallowing clipboard transfers for view-only
155    clients.
157  - Other improvements and bugfixes, see ChangeLog files within the
158    distribution for more details.
160* TightVNC 1.3dev6, Win32 release candidate version
162  - Win32 server: Improved layout of the Properties dialog, added
163    context help for every option. Also, current mirror driver status
164    is shown in the Hooks tab.
166  - Win32 server: Implemented new checkbox "Enable applet params in
167    URLs" corresponding to EnableURLParams registry setting.
169  - Win32 server: The option "Don't use mirror display driver even if
170    available" is now functional.
172  - Win32 server: New option "Blank screen on client connections".
173    When set and new client connects, the server's monitor is forced
174    to go to power saving mode.
176  - Win32 server: Fixed bugs with saving certain settings in the
177    registry, and bugs with setting default values when the registry
178    is not writable.
180  - Win32 server: Fixed a problem with one-pixel mouse offset.
182  - Win32 server: Fixed problems with inter-thread locking, this
183    should solve "Unhandled message type received" problems.
185  - Win32 server: Fixed a problem with the setting "Block remote input
186    on local activity", it was not working with DLL hooks disabled.
188  - Win32 server: Fixed various problems with file transfer
189    implementation. Error handling was improved, the C: drive bug
190    under Win98/Me seems to be solved.
192  - Win32 viewer: New "Auto" scaling mode. In this mode, the viewer
193    scales remote desktop to fit local window or screen size. If the
194    window size is changed, the scaling factor is adjusted
195    automatically.
197  - Win32 viewer: Now the viewer checks server's capabilities and does
198    not ever use non-standard protocol messages not supported by the
199    server. This change affects file transfers only, as other features
200    do not use non-standard protocol messages..
202  - Java viewer: New "scale remote cursor" option has been added. It
203    allows to reduce or enlarge cursor image in the full-control mode.
205  - Java viewer: A cursor repaint problem has been fixed.
207  - Other improvements and bugfixes, see ChangeLog files within the
208    distribution for more details.
210* TightVNC 1.3dev5, development version
212  - Win32 server: Support for the "DFMirage" mirror video driver has
213    been added (the driver itself will be available separately). Using
214    the mirror driver greatly increases the speed and reliability of
215    updates, and also desreases CPU utilization on the server.
217  - Win32 server: New polling algorithm has been implemented. It's
218    similar to that found in x0rfbserver. New algorithm uses minimum
219    CPU time when there are no changes on the screen, and detects
220    major changes very quickly, resulting in greatly improved
221    responsiveness on the client side.
223  - Win32 server: Improved methods for filtering screen changes that
224    actually do not change anything. New algorithm not only works
225    faster, but it also detects changes much more accurately, leaving
226    less work to encoders.
228  - Win32 viewer: A special mode for Unix users has been implemented:
229    when ScrollLock is on, the viewer will send Meta on pressing Alt
230    keys.
232  - Win32 server: Fixed a problem with view-only clients that were
233    enabled full control on just opening the Properties dialog of the
234    server.
236  - Win32 server: It should not ever hang any more on changing ports
237    or the LoopbackOnly setting.
239  - Win32 server: DisableTrayIcon and RemoveWallpaper settings are
240    working again.
242  - Win32 server: The problem with not saving Query Settings has been
243    fixed.
245  - Win32 server: The polling mode "on event received only" has been
246    fixed - it did not work correctly in previous version.
248  - Win32 server: Fixed a number of issues with mouse handling,
249    including that annoying problem with pointer jumping on slow
250    connections.
252  - Win32 server: Applied a bugfix from HorizonLive solving the
253    problem with crashes or incorrect operation after color depth
254    changes on the server's desktop.
256  - Win32 viewer: It does not crash any more on entering long
257    passwords in the authentication window.
259  - Win32 viewer: Positioning and resizing logic of the viewer window
260    has been improved.
262  - Win32 viewer: Now the viewer chooses more reasonable file names
263    for saved .vnc sessions.
265  - Win32 viewer: In the full-screen mode, the viewer allows other
266    windows to be shown above the remote desktop. This makes hotkeys
267    such as Shift-Ctrl-Alt-O useful in the full-screen mode.
269  - Unix version: A number of bugfixes -- copying clipboard to
270    non-authenticated clients in Xvnc, delayed cursor shape updates in
271    Xvnc, and crashing on switching between KDE virtual desktops in
272    vncviewer.
274  - Unix viewer: Support for the new -autopass option has been added,
275    a patch from Ki NETWORKS, Inc.
277  - Other changes, see ChangeLog files within the distribution for
278    more details.
280* TightVNC 1.3dev4, development version
282  - Featuring updated Unix version and Java viewer, supporting RFB
283    protocol version 3.7, with or without TightVNC protocol
284    extensions. Version 3.3 of the protocol is supported as well.
286  - Win32 version: Built-in Java viewer was absent in the previous
287    development version; now it's available again.
289  - Win32 version: Now the server does not crash on remote
290    Ctrl-Alt-Del events, and on changing display modes.
292  - Win32 version: A problem with reinstalling the service has been
293    fixed (WinVNC -reinstall command-line option). In previous
294    versions, reinstalling the service could fail if a user did not
295    close "Service unregistered" message box within a few seconds.
297  - Win32 version: Now the server does not hang on selecting equal RFB
298    and HTTP port numbers. A warning is shown instead.
300  - Win32 version: The server does not hang on toggling loopback
301    connection options, and on changing port/display numbers.
303  - Win32 version: WinVNC does not crash on choosing "Kill All
304    Clients" during file download.
306  - Win32 version: CopyRect handling in the server has been fixed, the
307    CopyRect encoding is enabled again.
309  - Win32 version: The Advanced Properties dialog of the server has
310    been removed. The controls of that dialog has been moved to tabs
311    in the Properties dialog.
313  - Win32 version: Context help in the server's Properties dialog has
314    been implemented (although not all descriptions are ready yet).
316  - Unix viewer: Fixed a bug with the viewer crashing on selecting
317    text in Xvnc, and then choosing F8 / Clipboard: local -> remote,
318    twice.
320  - There was some progress on supporting pluggable encryption and
321    authentication methods, in both Win32 and Unix versions, and in
322    the Java viewer.
324  - Other changes, see ChangeLog files within the distribution for
325    more details.
329* TightVNC 1.3dev3, Win32 development (unstable) version
331  - All features and fixes from 1.2.9 and 1.3dev1 versions included.
333  - Improved GUI of the viewer featuring toolbar, hotkeys, pre-set
334    connection profiles, more configuration options, context help in
335    dialogs, and more. Finally, the viewer remembers all
336    per-connection and global settings in the registry.
338  - File transfers between viewer and server machines.
340  - Support for RFB protocol version 3.7, with TightVNC extensions.
342  - A possibility to turn off hooking via VNCHooks.dll in WinVNC while
343    full screen polling is in use.
345  - Other changes, see ChangeLog files within the distribution for
346    more details.
350* TightVNC 1.2.9
352  - Win32 version: Major security-related bug in the server has been
353    fixed -- handling of the "QueryAllowNoPass" option was seriously
354    broken. Together with fixing this bug, the whole authentication
355    logic in the server code has been redesigned.
357  - Win32 version: Now the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry hive is being
358    closed properly on restoring display settings, on disconnect. This
359    change should solve the problem with unloading the registry on
360    logout, when WinVNC is running as a service.
362  - Win32 version: Problems with "QuerySetting" and "QueryTimeout"
363    options have been fixed -- the settings could be copied from user
364    configuration to default settings without user's intention.
366  - Win32 version: A long-standing bug has been fixed -- the logic to
367    handle retries after authentication failures was flawed, and used
368    to delete the same object twice under certain conditions.
370  - Win32 version: Now it's possible to specify port numbers with the
371    winvnc -connect option, using the "host::port" format. Also,
372    providing a -connect option without arguments now brings up the
373    "Add New Client" dialog.
375  - Unix version: New "Request refresh" button has been implemented in
376    the viewer's F8 popup menu.
378  - Unix version: Xvnc compilation fixes for HP-UX and MacOS X have
379    been applied, from Ki NETWORKS, Inc.
381  - Unix version: New vncpasswd -f command-line option has been
382    implemented. It allows providing passwords on stdin and writes
383    encrypted passwords to stdout. In addition, the password file name
384    "-" now denotes stdout. Finally, a buffer overflow has been fixed
385    in vncpasswd -- it could be caused by a long file name in the
386    command line.
388  - Unix version: A patch to fix input focus problems in the X11
389    viewer has been applied, from Greg Breland.
391  - Unix version: A patch fixing Xvnc crashes on Sparc has been
392    applied, from the RealVNC distribution.
394  - Unix version: A problem with incorrect port interpretation has
395    been fixed, in the vncviewer's -tunnel option handling. Thanks to
396    Clark Sessions.
398  - Java viewer: A modification from Bernd Krueger-Knauber has been
399    accepted, to pass through X keysyms for foreign currencies.
401  - Java viewer: The problem with initial keyboard focus not set to
402    the desktop on some JVMs has been fixed.
404  - Other minor improvements and bugfixes.
408* TightVNC 1.2.8
410  - Unix and Win32 versions: Support for a separate view-only password
411    has been implemented. Now the servers support two passwords -- one
412    to allow full control, another to restrict remote keyboard and
413    mouse input.
415  - Win32 version: The password reset problem has been solved. In
416    versions starting from 1.2.4, the password could get changed in
417    the registry on opening Properties dialog and just hitting the OK
418    button.
420  - Win32 version: New "-reload" command-line option has been
421    implemented in Win32 server. It forces the running instance to
422    reload the registry settings.
424  - Win32 version: "RemoveWallpaper" and "LockSetting" options have
425    been made configurable in the Properties dialog; the code has been
426    ported from RealVNC 3.3.6.
428  - Win32 version: Support for "AllowEditClients" registry setting has
429    been ported from RealVNC 3.3.6.
431  - Unix version: New "-x11cursor" option has been implemented in
432    vncviewer; a patch from Peter Astrand. This option allows using a
433    real X11 cursor with X11-style cursor shape updates, disables the
434    dot cursor, and disables cursor position updates in non-fullscreen
435    mode.
437  - Unix version: New "RunCommand" command to customize the X11
438    vncviewer popup menu has been implemented; a patch from Peter
439    Astrand.
441  - Unix version: Several patches from Debian Linux have been applied.
442    This should fix a number of bugs and improve building on some
443    platforms supported by Debian Linux.
445  - Unix version: A problem with Xvnc eating all CPU time after xfs
446    restarts has been fixed; a patch from Martin Koegler.
448  - Other minor improvements and bugfixes.
452* TightVNC 1.2.7
454  - Unix and Win32 versions, Java viewer: The most significant problem
455    with local cursor handling has been solved -- now clients can see
456    remote cursor movements performed on the server or by another
457    client. New PointerPos encoding and cursor shape updates both
458    minimize bandwidth requirements and greatly improve responsiveness
459    of the mouse pointer, while still allow to track correct pointer
460    position in all situations.
462  - Unix and Win32 versions: In all the places where display numbers
463    had to be used, now it's easy to use port numbers as well. The
464    viewers now allow to use new "hostname::port" syntax, in addition
465    to the traditional "hostname:display" format. The same new syntax
466    can be used in the "Add new client" dialog of Win32 server. In the
467    server, now it's equally easy to set display and port numbers.
468    Besides that, HTTP and RFB port numbers can be set individually.
470  - Unix and Win32 versions: In servers, decreased JPEG quality
471    factors for low quality levels. This improves bandwidth usage
472    while the image quality remains satisfactory in most cases. In
473    clients, JPEG compression is now enabled by default, because
474    usually it's a reasonable choice. To prevent viewers from
475    requesting JPEG compression, new -nojpeg option can be used.
477  - Unix and Win32 versions: Improved installer under Windows, better
478    RPMs for Linux.
480  - Win32 version: Major enhancements in layout and functionality of
481    the dialog boxes.
483  - Win32 version: New keyboard handling code has been ported from
484    RealVNC 3.3.6. This should solve all the issues with arrow keys
485    acting as numbers in console windows, and shift+arrows not working
486    under Win2k.
488  - Win32 version: Adopted WinVNC -reinstall option from RealVNC
489    3.3.5, together with a number of other changes in different
490    places. The viewer now accepts a port number after the -listen
491    command-line option, an improvement from RealVNC 3.3.6.
493  - Win32 version: Eliminated high CPU usage on the server before
494    sending cursor shape updates.
496  - Unix version: Bugfix for Xvnc's -localhost and -interface options
497    that were broken on many systems, thanks to Luke Mewburn for the
498    bugfix. Xvnc -version command-line option is now supported.
500  - Tight encoding is now documented in rfbproto.h files within source
501    archives.
503  - Java viewer: Implemented new buttons "Login again" and "Close
504    window" near the disconnect or error messages in the applet mode,
505    and introduced new "Offer Relogin" parameter to control this
506    improvement. Thanks to Peter Astrand for the initial version of
507    the "Login again" patch.
509  - Java viewer: Support for connections via HTTP proxies using HTTP
510    CONNECT method. This will not work in the applet mode, due to Java
511    security restrictions.
513  - Java viewer: Extra .vnc files have been removed, having just
514    index.vnc should be enough. Also, an example HTML page has been
515    prepared, to simplify installation under a standalone Web server.
517  - Java viewer: Added a MANIFEST to the JAR archive, to allow easy
518    execution of the JAR file, using java -jar command-line option.
520  - Other minor improvements and bugfixes.
524* TightVNC 1.3dev1, Win32 development (unstable) version
526  - Implemented partial screen sharing. Any single window or any
527    rectangular screen area can be shared instead of the whole screen.
528    The position and dimensions of the shared screen area can be
529    changed dynamically, and client windows will adjust their
530    dimensions on the fly. The user interface to choose shared screen
531    area is very intuitive and easy to use.
533  - Screen resolution changes won't cause WinVNC to disconnect clients
534    any more (but changes in screen color format still result in
535    disconnects, this will be fixed later).
537  - It's possible to make WinVNC ignore remote inputs when local mouse
538    or keyboard is in use. Remote events will be re-enabled after a
539    specified timeout (3 seconds by default).
541  - There may be other changes I forgot to mention. :-)
545* TightVNC 1.2.6
547  - Win32 version: In this version, when WinVNC binds to a local TCP
548    port, it does not try to check several times if the port is in
549    use. It just re-uses the port if the display number is not set to
550    "Auto". One visible effect of this change is that the delay
551    between starting up and showing the icon is greatly reduced.
553  - Unix version: Fixed the bug which caused the vncserver script to
554    fail when the XAUTHORITY environment variable was not set.
556  - Unix version: Fixed the bug which prevented the vncpasswd utility
557    from setting correct permissons on the passwd file.
559  - Unix version: Fixed a repeated challenge replay attack
560    vulnerability, bugtraq id 5296.
562  - Unix version: Added files to simplify building of Linux RPMs,
563    thanks to Peter Astrand.
565  - Unix version: Improved scrolling in the full-screen mode, modified
566    patch from Ville Herva.
568  - Minor cleanups.
572* TightVNC 1.2.5
574  - Win32 version: Fixed a problem in the I/O subsystem that was
575    introduced in TightVNC 1.2.2 and was causing major slowdown in
576    communication with clients.
578  - Win32 version: Enabled remote upgrade in the installation script.
579    Also, the installer will install a copy of the TightVNC Web site,
580    and will create shortcuts to most important documentation pages.
582  - Win32 version: Implemented new feature to specify applet
583    parameters in URL requests being sent to the built-in HTTP server.
584    Added support for new "EnableURLParams" registry setting which can
585    be used to enable this feature.
587  - Win32 version: Added support for the NewFBSize pseudo-encoding
588    allowing to change framebuffer geometry on the fly on server's
589    request.
591  - Win32 version: Included "solution" and "project" files for MS
592    Visual Studio 7, from Andrew van der Stock, applied a set of minor
593    fixes to suppress compilation warnings under MS Visual Studio 7.
595  - Win32 version: The viewer now tries to preserve the size and
596    position of the desktop window after applying new connection
597    options.
599  - Unix version: Implemented new feature to specify applet parameters
600    in URL requests being sent to the built-in HTTP server. Added
601    support for new $PARAMS variable in .vnc HTML templates.
603  - Unix version: Added the possibility to keep users' vnc directories
604    under /tmp, as suggested by Ivan Popov. This mode can be enabled
605    by editing the $vncUserDir variable in the vncserver script. Also,
606    new -t option has been implemented in the vncpasswd utility which
607    allows to change VNC password files under /tmp.
609  - Unix version: Applied Xvnc -viewonly patch from Ehud Karni.
611  - Unix version: Applied Linux/PowerPC Xvnc fix from Peter A. Castro.
613  - Unix version: Bug fixed: Xvnc failed to reset compression level
614    and JPEG image quality on reading lists of encodings supported by
615    clients.
617  - Unix version: Made the viewer handle XCursor encoding operating on
618    the framebuffer instead of setting new cursors directly in X.
620  - Unix version: Applied a number of porting fixes from Ki Networks,
621    Inc.
623  - Java viewer: Added new feature allowing to save RFB sessions in
624    FBS files compatible with rfbproxy. This feature works only if JVM
625    security manager allows access to the local filesystem, which is
626    usually true only when the viewer is used as a standalone
627    application or if the viewer applet is cryptographically signed.
628    New "Record" button will appear in the button panel if this
629    feature is enabled.
631  - Java viewer: Added new "ENCPASSWORD" parameter, modified patch
632    from Peter Astrand.
634  - Java viewer: Applied patch from Peter Astrand to fix problems with
635    Swedish keys and broken JVMs.
637  - Other minor fixes and cleanups.
641* TightVNC 1.2.4
643  - Win32 version: WinVNC crashes on reporting zero statistics were
644    fixed. This should eliminate crashes when using x2vnc and win2vnc
645    client programs.
647  - Win32 version: a problem with listening viewer was fixed.
648    Initiating multiple non-shared connections could crash the viewer
649    application.
651  - Win32 version: real passwords are never placed into the password
652    text control in the WinVNC Properties dialog any more. This should
653    prevent grabbing plain-text passwords from that text control.
655  - Win32 version: logging on errors was improved to provide better
656    diagnosis for errors, especially for those causing the message
657    "Connection closed" right after authentication.
659  - Win32 version: handling of log files was improved. Now WinVNC
660    should be able to save backup copies of log files under
661    Win95/98/Me. Also, all log files are now written in MS-DOS/Windows
662    text format instead of the Unix one.
664  - Win32 version: a problem with reporting error messages in the
665    listening viewer was fixed.
667  - Win32 version: reporting incorrect statistics in the Tight encoder
668    was fixed.
670  - Win32 version: HTML pages and templates for the built-in HTTP
671    server were improved.
673  - Unix version: applied patch from Ki Networks, Inc. solving build
674    problems on a number of commercial Unix systems, and fixing a
675    number of minor bugs and typos.
677  - Unix version: added a possibility to denote standard input with
678    the "-" file name instead of a real password file name.
680  - Unix version: fixed a bug causing vncpasswd utility work
681    incorrectly when a file name argument was given in the command
682    line.
684  - Unix version: applied patch to solve keyboard focus problems in
685    the full-screen vncviewer, from Peter Astrand. The patch does not
686    seem to solve all the issues, but definitely makes things better.
687    New grabKeyboard resource was added to control full-screen mode
688    behavior.
690  - Java viewer: new "Show Offline Desktop" parameter was added to
691    make the desktop still visible even after the remote side has
692    closed connection.
694  - Java viewer: error messages were made much more meaningful.
696  - Java viewer: keyboard focus problems were fixed. This should
697    prevent opening new windows (e.g. Options or Clipboard) behind the
698    active authenticator or desktop window.
700  - Java viewer: now "R"/"r" keys can be used to request screen
701    updates in view-only mode.
703  - Java viewer: applied patch from Peter Astrand to fix problems with
704    Swedish keys and broken JVMs.
706  - Other minor fixes and cleanups.
710* TightVNC 1.2.3
712  - Unix and Win32 versions: zlib library was updated to the most
713    recent version (1.1.4) where a potential security issue was fixed.
715  - Unix and Win32 versions: fixed blocking I/O problems in built-in
716    HTTP servers. Older versions had to wait while one client finishes
717    his transaction, only then they served new client connections,
718    thus making easy denial-of-service attacks possible.
720  - Unix and Win32 versions: updated built-in Java viewer, see details
721    below.
723  - Win32 version: Added support for mouse wheel events. Wheel mouse
724    support is fully compatible and interoperable with Unix version
725    where this feature was available for a long time.
727  - Win32 version (WinVNC): The -connect command-line option now
728    accepts a display number after a hostname.
730  - Win32 version: Creating associations for .vnc files in the
731    installer.
733  - Java viewer was GREATLY improved: the code was converted to Java
734    1.1, painting techniques were re-designed completely (now the
735    viewer should work in MacOS), several new parameters were added,
736    all parameters were documented in the README file. Most important
737    new features include: support for 24-bit colors, JPEG support in
738    Tight encoding, RFB Bell message support, new "Refresh" button, a
739    possibility to operate in a separate scrollable window, dynamic
740    view-only mode. Many more changes were introduces, see the
741    ChangeLog for more information. Please note that new Java viewer
742    class names were changed, e.g. vncviewer.jar file has become
743    VncViewer.jar etc.
745  - Unix version: a number of changes in the vncserver script, e.g.
746    the default color depth is now 24, extra delay after Xvnc startup
747    removed, font path is now configurable in the beginning of the
748    script, and more.
750  - Unix version: zlib library was removed from the core X sources.
751    Instead, both vncviewer and Xvnc now can use either system zlib
752    and JPEG libraries, or ones packaged within TightVNC source
753    archive in the lib/ directory. Unix sources are distributed in two
754    versions: one with these libraries for those who don't have them
755    installed in the system, and another version without libraries,
756    copied directly from CVS, for those who do have zlib and/or JPEG
757    libraries installed. In the former case, build procedure would
758    include additional "make libs" step. System libraries will be
759    linked dynamically, libraries included in the source archive will
760    be linked in statically.
762  - Unix version now includes comprehensive manual pages for
763    vncviewer, vncserver, Xvnc, vncconnect and vncpasswd programs. The
764    vncinstall script in the source distribution now accepts one more
765    parameter allowing to specify where to install manual pages.
767  - Unix version (Xvnc): a number of patches from Red Hat Linux vnc
768    package were incorporated into the TightVNC codebase. This adds
769    support for more architectures including s390 and s390x, adds a
770    possibility to use tcp_wrappers for Xvnc access control.
772  - Unix version (Xvnc): several bugfixes, e.g. applied patch to fix
773    crash in the code dealing with font server; fixed word alignment
774    problem in raw encoder experienced by Sparc users.
776  - Unix version is no more distributed as patches to a standard VNC
777    release. This is because patches cannot handle changes in binary
778    files and handle file removals very inefficiently.
780  - Other minor fixes and cleanups.
784* TightVNC 1.2.2
786  - Win32 server: long-standing Win9x resource consumption problem has
787    been fixed. Now the server thread does not use blocking I/O, and
788    therefore is always ready to process messages from the VNCHooks
789    DLL.
791  - Win32 server: now built-in HTTP daemon may be enabled and disabled
792    interactively from the Advanced Preferences dialog (this setting
793    is saved in new "EnableHTTPDaemon" registry key).
795  - Win32 server: changes in layout and text of the Advanced
796    Preferences dialog.
798  - Xvnc: Minor bugfix which should prevent potential dereference of a
799    NULL pointer.
801  - Unix viewer: Now viewer window would be raised on beep (bell)
802    event, unless new -noraiseonbeep option is provided in the command
803    line or "raiseOnBeep" resource set to False.
805  - One more packaging option for the Unix source: ready to build
806    archive with Zlib and JPEG libraries inside.
808  - Other minor fixes and cleanups.
812* TightVNC 1.2.1
814  - Win32 server: added support for reverse connections on ports other
815    than 5500, modified patch from Steve Kann.
817  - Win32 viewer: added support for new command-line options:
818    -noshared and -encoding XXX.
820  - Bugfixes in Win32 viewer: changes in exception handling eliminate
821    Borland C++ compilation problems causing application crashes on
822    repetitive connections, notably in the listen mode. Also, now
823    warning exceptions causing disconnects are reported to user,
824    except for the case when a user has closed the viewer window.
826  - Better packaging in Win32 version: self-installing package is
827    available, vncviewer now shows correct icon image.
829  - Unix vncviewer: Default tunneling command template has been
830    changed, to allow tunneled connections to hosts where only
831    loopback VNC connections are enabled. New -via <GATEWAY>
832    command-line option provides enhanced tunneling functionality, now
833    one can make vncviewer tunnel connections to a VNC host via third
834    machine acting as a gateway.
836  - Java viewer: Addition of new parameters PASSWORD, "Show Controls",
837    and "View Only", modified patch from Steve Kann.
841* TightVNC 1.2.0
843  - Tight encoding is now configurable and can operate at different
844    compression levels where low compression levels are very fast in
845    terms of CPU usage. New "-compresslevel N" option implemented in
846    vncviewer to set compression levels for Tight encoding (1 - fast,
847    9 - best).
849  - Enhanced techniques to split large rectangles in Tight encoder;
850    now it tries to find large solid-color areas and send them in
851    separate rectangles.
853  - Lossy JPEG compression in Tight encoding has been implemented, new
854    "-quality N" vncviewer option should be used to enable this
855    feature (0 - low image quality and best compression, 9 - best
856    image quality). JPEG compression is used only for screen areas
857    that seem to be suitable for JPEG compression (although algorithms
858    to detect such areas are not perfect, of course).
860  - New "XCursor" and "RichCursor" encodings implemented. They are
861    used to transmit cursor shape updates from server to clients
862    ("local cursor" feature requested by many users). Mouse movement
863    no longer causes framebuffer updates to happen, vncviewer
864    processes mouse locally when this feature is active. New
865    -nocursorshape vncviewer option turns this feature off.
867  - A number of recent changes from both TridiaVNC and AT&T's releases
868    merged into the source, now the code is based on version 3.3.3r2
869    for Unix part, and on 3.3.3r9 for Win32.
871  - Unix vncviewer: When -tunnel option is specified in the command
872    line, special rules are now used to choose preferred encoding. Now
873    viewer does not think that server is running on the same machine
874    when tunneling is on and the preferred encoding is now "tight"
875    with default compression instead of raw.
877  - Xvnc: Rules to set default pixel formats have been changed: now
878    they are RGB565 instead of BGR556 for color depth 16, and RGB888
879    instead of BGR888 for depth 24. This makes Xvnc compatible with
880    Imlib renderer used in Gnome and also helps to avoid unnecessary
881    pixel format translations in many cases.
883  - Xvnc: X11 modifier mapped to META key is now Mod4 instead of Mod1.
884    New -compatiblekbd option implemented in Xvnc to force META and
885    ALT keys behave the same way as they do in the original AT&T's
886    version.
888  - A number of bugs fixed: viewer crashes after inflate() call, Xvnc
889    CoRRE encoding problems, Xvnc bit-order issues in XCursor and
890    RichCursor encodings, etc.
892  - Java viewer now supports Tight encoding and cursor shape updates.
893    Drawing techniques were changed, settings "Raw pixel drawing:
894    Fast/Reliable" and "CopyRect: Fast/Reliable" removed from the
895    Options panel since they do not make sense in new drawing model.
897  - Other new features, optimizations, fixes and cleanups, see
898    ChangeLog files.
902* VNC Tight Encoding 1.1
904  - New ``gradient'' filter implemented in servers (it can be disabled
905    in Xvnc with new -lazytight option). The filter preprocess
906    full-color screen areas prior to compression in order to achieve
907    better compression ratios (with the cost of slower compression).
908    Vncviewers of version 1.0 had support for this filter already, but
909    there was small bug causing image distortions in certain cases. So
910    it is recommended to upgrade both servers and viewers.
912  - Stupid bug fixed: extra unused color was included in palettes in
913    many cases; compression ratios used to be worse than they should
914    be.
916  - The algorithm used to split large rectangles into parts has been
917    changed. This change can increase compression ratios in many
918    situations.
920  - Byte-order issues in servers have been (hopefully) fixed.
922  - Performance tuning, code rewrites and cleanups in various places.
926* VNC Tight Encoding 1.0
928  - Initial release.
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