source: trunk/packages/invirt-remote/server/etc/remctl/conf.d/invirt-web @ 2476

Last change on this file since 2476 was 2476, checked in by price, 15 years ago

Changelog entry and whitespace pickiness for LP #349789 fix.

File size: 290 bytes
1web ALL        /usr/sbin/invirt-remote-proxy-web  /etc/remctl/remconffs/adminacl
2control  help  /usr/sbin/invirt-remctl-help       ANYUSER
3include /etc/remctl/remconffs/conf
4control  ALL   /usr/sbin/invirt-remote-vminvalid  ANYUSER
5help     ALL   /usr/sbin/invirt-remctl-help       ANYUSER
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