source: trunk/packages/invirt-dev/repository-config/distributions.mako @ 2581

Last change on this file since 2581 was 2552, checked in by broder, 15 years ago

Change repository configuration to generate config from a mako
template using gen-files instead of rolling our own.

File size: 431 bytes
2from invirt.config import structs as cfg
3from invirt import builder as b
5% for pocket in cfg.git.pockets:
6CodeName: ${b.pocketToApt(pocket)}
7Components: main invirt-system
8UDebComponents: main invirt-system
9SignWith: ${cfg.apt.keyid}
10Architectures: amd64 i386 source
11Origin: Invirt
12Description: Invirt ${pocket} pocket
13Contents: . .gz
14DebIndices: Packages Release . .gz .bz2
15DscIndices: Sources Release . .gz .bz2
17% endfor
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