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1From: MIT MS Campus Agreement <ms-campus-agreement@MIT.EDU>
2Subject: Windows Vista upgrade - student download
6Thank-you for visiting Information Services and Technology's (IS&T) download
7site for Windows Vista Enterprise.  This software upgrade service is
8provided via MIT's Microsoft Campus Agreement (MSCA).
10MIT has signed a three year Campus Agreement with Microsoft effective
11through June 2007 which allows IS&T to provide Windows Vista Enterprise
12software upgrades at no cost to MIT undergraduate and graduate students.
13MIT students are entitled to install this software on one personally owned
14machine to be used for educational purposes.  Graduating students retain the
15continued right to run the last version of the software received while at
16MIT by completing the Campus Agreement Student License Confirmation.  This
17agreement will be e-mailed to you during your last semester at MIT.
19Undergraduate or graduate students who withdraw, transfer, or otherwise
20leave MIT prior to graduation do not have the continued right to use this
21software and should delete it from your machines.
23Your right to use the software shall be governed by the most current license
24rights, which you may view at
26     <>.
28The following website includes helpful information about Windows Vista
29Enterprise and topics to consider prior to upgrading one's machine
31     <>
33Windows Vista Enterprise does not require a product key to install or use
34the software.  Instead, Activation is used instead of a product key.  If
35properly configured, your machine will automatically activate when on the
36MIT Network.  If you have troubles activating your system or are using on a
37machine that is not on the MIT Network, such as a home machine, see the
38Activation instructions at
40        <>
42IS&T wishes to remind colleagues and students of the importance of keeping
43one's computer current with operating system patches.  IS&T recommends the
44use of vendor's automatic update services in tandem of our local
45implementations of...
47     MIT Windows Automatic Update Service (WAUS)
48     <>
50What is MIT Windows Automatic Update Service?
52The MIT Windows Automatic Update Service (WAUS) enables the MIT community to
53utilize Microsoft's "Automatic Update" feature with a more conservative
54selection of patches -- focused on critical security updates -- than those
55available directly from Microsoft. This service may be used by MIT faculty,
56staff, and students on MIT-owned and personal machines.
58Should you have any questions or concerns about the operating system
59upgrade, please contact the Computing Help Desk, <>
60Questions, comments or suggestions about the Campus Agreement may be
61directed to the Software Release Team, <>
65Information Services and Technology
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