source: package_tags/sipb-xen-remctl-auto/1.0.16/files/usr/sbin @ 2911

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
sipb-xen-boot 201 bytes 129   17 years tabbott more remctl support for web interface
sipb-xen-remote 1.2 KB 657   16 years price a sipb-xen-remctl-auto file that's been unchecked-in for a while
sipb-xen-listvms 1.3 KB 712   16 years price fix a race in listvms when a machine is shutting down Also tell the …
sipb-xen-vmcontrol 1.4 KB 442   16 years ecprice Close file descriptors for update-conserver on destroy/shutdown
sipb-xen-lvm 2.4 KB 175   17 years ecprice Fix errors on lvresize to equal or smaller value.
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