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Debathena should eventually be importing PyAFS for
<>, so hopefully this is only

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1This project is an attempt to develop a fully Python-based interface
2to the AFS APIs. A lot of the structure is based on the Perl AFS
3module (, but this will
4hopefully be a bit more Pythonic in its interface.
6The goal is essentially to implement the full set of "high-level" APIs
7provided by the Perl modules in a combination of Python and
8Cython. This will typically involve a fairly simple wrapping of the C
9API in a Cython module (e.g. afs._pts), and then a higher-level
10wrapping of that Cython module in pure Python (e.g. afs.pts).
12I am depending on patches from other people, beacuse I will not finish
13this on my own. I think I've established enough of the structure that
14others can see what I want the structure to look like.
16Please be sure to sign off on your patches.
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