source: package_tags/invirt-remote/0.3.6/host/usr/sbin

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
invirt-availability 1.9 KB 2161   15 years andersk Don't confuse {KB, MB, GB} with {KiB, MiB, GiB}.
invirt-listvms 1.3 KB 2098   15 years price in invirt-remote-listvms, ignore another way VMs can disappear
invirt-lvm 3.4 KB 1990   15 years broder Fix an accidental typo-uncorrection.
invirt-remote 925 bytes 2107   15 years iannucci Clean-up suggestions from price. Whitespace fixes.
invirt-vmcontrol 1.3 KB 2113   15 years iannucci Modified invirt-availability and invirt-vmcontrol to stat …
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