source: package_branches/invirt-web/cherrypy/invirt-cache-acls @ 2558

Last change on this file since 2558 was 2558, checked in by broder, 15 years ago

"Cherry-pick" r2557 (Re-arrange the authz configuration.) to the
cherrypy branch.

(It's somewhat tenuous to claim this is a cherry-pick, given that all
of the changes would have conflicted had I actually tried to
cherry-pick the change. Oh well)

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2cells () {
3  for i in $(invirt-getconf -l authz.cells); do
4    invirt-getconf authz.cells.$i.cell
5  done
7kinit -k -t /etc/invirt/keytab daemon/$(hostname -f)
8aklog $(cells)
9python /var/www/invirt-web/
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