source: package_branches/invirt-web/cherrypy-rebased/code/templates/vnc.mako @ 2696

Last change on this file since 2696 was 2696, checked in by broder, 15 years ago

Punt the "moocow" VNC password - it's dumb, and we already have our
own authentication mechanism (that uses real authentication).

This commit cherry-picks r2487.

Except for the part where the entire commit conflicted.

File size: 833 bytes
1<%page expression_filter="h" />
2<%inherit file="skeleton.mako" />
4<%def name="title()">
5Console to ${}
8<style type='text/css'>body { max-width: none }</style>
9% if not on:
10<p> Your machine appears to be off.</p>
11% elif not has_vnc:
12<p> Your machine appears to not be accepting VNC connections. Perhaps you have a ParaVM machine?</p>
13% endif
15<p>See <a href="help?subject=Console" target="_blank">tips</a> about framebuffer and other issues.</p>
16<applet code="VncViewer.class" archive="https://${hostname}:446/static/VncViewer.jar"
17        width="100%" height="1000">
18<param name="PORT" value="${port}">
19<param name="HOST" value="${hostname}">
20<param name="VMNAME" value="${}">
21<param name="AUTHTOKEN" value="${authtoken}">
22<param name="SocketFactory" value="VNCProxyConnectSocketFactory">
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