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(edit) @3052   9 years gdb Bumped changelog
(edit) @3049   9 years gdb Updated changelog of xvm-*config packages
(edit) @3047   9 years andersk git-migration updates for openais, corosync, xvm-host-setup-notes.
(edit) @3046   9 years gdb Updated the changelog
(edit) @3045   9 years gdb Don't forget to do tagging before an aptCopy
(edit) @3044   9 years gdb Allow a backtracking branch to upload any package version
(edit) @3043   9 years gdb Minor touchups to invirtibuilder
(edit) @3042   9 years gdb Don't require that a pocket exists when validating
(edit) @3041   9 years gdb Do work from correct cwd
(edit) @3040   9 years gdb Added script for creating new repositories
(edit) @3039   9 years gdb Cleaned up atomic file-writing code in invirt-build-conf
(edit) @3038   9 years gdb Added git hooks to invirt-dev package
(edit) @3037   9 years gdb Added a TODO item
(edit) @3036   9 years gdb Added reporting
(edit) @3035   9 years gdb Use the expanded commit name internally
(edit) @3034   9 years gdb Renamed init script to 'invirtibuilder'
(edit) @3033   9 years gdb Actually spawn invirtibuilder in the init script
(edit) @3032   9 years gdb Log and capture sbuild results
(edit) @3031   9 years gdb Updated XVM config
(edit) @3030   9 years gdb Made the build table's succeeded field nullable
(edit) @3029   9 years gdb Improvements to captureOutput
(edit) @3028   9 years gdb Make invirtibuilder work
(edit) @3027   9 years quentin Allow partial success when modifying a VM, so the database will more …
(edit) @3026   9 years gdb Added gdb to the don't-send-error-mail list
(edit) @3025   9 years gdb Updated openais debdiff to include XVM's patch
(edit) @3024   9 years quentin Document IP address allocations
(edit) @3023   9 years broder Divert /etc/conserver/ in the right binary package.
(edit) @3022   9 years broder Update the list of servers in osx-update
(edit) @3020   9 years broder Fix arkham-asylum's IP address in xvm-devconfig
(edit) @3018   9 years broder Divert /etc/conserver/ in console-server instead of dropping …
(edit) @3017   9 years broder Pull in the invirt-system component in We throw …
(edit) @3016   9 years broder Add a missing dependency for invirt-autoinstaller-host on kpartx.
(edit) @3014   9 years broder Add the two new dev servers to xvm-devconfig.
(edit) @3013   9 years broder Both the XVM and Debathena archive keyrings have changed.
(edit) @3012   9 years broder Add write-ups on how to invirtify corosync and openais.
(edit) @3011   9 years broder Use the .. Perl operator to simplify prerms. invirt-console-host, …
(edit) @3010   9 years broder Add new XVM servers to the OS X update Applescript.
(edit) @3009   9 years quentin Script for automating the process of determining which VMs need to be …
(edit) @3007   9 years price update k5login for new maintainers, part 2 of 2
(edit) @3005   9 years price update k5login for new maintainers, part 1 of 2
(edit) @3004   9 years andersk Don’t double-escape the helppopup subject.
(edit) @3002   9 years broder New master server, new apt repo key. Maybe we'll have backups next time.
(edit) @3000   9 years gdb Fixed the description in the control file
(edit) @2999   9 years gdb Added babylon-four to the list of hosts
(edit) @2998   9 years broder Add missing python-openssl dependency to invirt-vnc-server.
(edit) @2996   9 years broder In xvm-prodconfig: * WHOO NEW SERVERS! (Add discovery-one and …
(edit) @2995   9 years broder Revert "Bump dom0-min-mem so that hopefully we OOM kill less." OOM …
(edit) @2994   9 years broder Bump dom0-min-mem so that hopefully we OOM kill less.
(edit) @2993   9 years broder Clear all objects from the SQLAlchemy session at the start of each …
(edit) @2991   9 years quentin Enforce a unique constraint on the machine name column.
(edit) @2990   9 years broder Add an option to xvm-{prod,dev}config.
(edit) @2989   9 years broder Select an authz module using setuptools' entry points mechainsm. …
(edit) @2988   9 years broder Drop the second "owner" argument from invirt.authz.expandAdmin. If we …
(edit) @2987   9 years andersk git-migration: Exclude punted packages from the superrepo.
(edit) @2986   9 years andersk git-migration: Add new packages; fix sipb-xen-chrony-config punt revision.
(edit) @2985   9 years andersk git-migration: Add gdb to authors file.
(edit) @2984   9 years gdb Updated hvirt-config
(edit) @2983   9 years quentin Update dhcp changelog
(edit) @2982   9 years quentin Don't answer DHCP packets if we don't recognize the hardware address
(edit) @2981   9 years iannucci Made cache_acls use invirt.authz.
(edit) @2980   9 years gdb Updated hvirt-config
(edit) @2979   9 years quentin Work around quirk of CherryPy? dispatching that causes username munging …
(edit) @2978   9 years gdb Updated hvirt devconfig
(edit) @2977   9 years gdb Added an invirt mako render script.
(edit) @2976   9 years gdb Added an internal_ip config entry.
(edit) @2975   9 years gdb Catch error if fetch_image fails
(edit) @2974   9 years gdb Add status messages; continue after failed downloads.
(edit) @2973   9 years gdb Added an internal_ip config entry.
(edit) @2972   9 years gdb Merged in r2821,2824,2827 from hvirt branch.
(edit) @2970   9 years broder Add a missing invirt-base dependency to the xvm-munin-config packages. …
(edit) @2968   9 years broder Provide debathena-kerberos-config in invirt-kerberos-config.
(edit) @2966   9 years broder Fix invirt-base's handling of triggers.
(edit) @2965   9 years broder Fix munin-config to work if no monitoring hosts are configured.
(edit) @2963   9 years broder Configure a monitoring server in xvm-devconfig. This way …
(edit) @2960   9 years broder Don't *run* the munin-node.conf.xvm.mako file in the clean target. *rm* it
(edit) @2950   9 years broder Build-dependencies - let's have more of those.
(edit) @2941   9 years broder Add code to invirt-reload to de-duplicate multiple invocations. (LP: …
(edit) @2940   9 years broder Run invirt-reload directly in the postinst of the fooconfig packages. …
(edit) @2938   9 years broder In xvm-prodconfig: * OpenAIS assumes that bind addresses are /24s, …
(edit) @2936   9 years broder Actually kill any references to PARENTPACKAGE in invirt-xen-config.
(edit) @2935   9 years broder FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, don't restart xend when you restart invirt-xen-config.
(edit) @2933   9 years broder Fix up the spacing in the xvm-prodconfig changelog.
(edit) @2931   9 years broder Actually regenerate the corosync config file in …
(edit) @2927   9 years broder In invirt-cluster-config: * Use openais for clustering instead of cman!
(edit) @2926   9 years broder In invirt-cluster-config: * Use LVM's built-in cluster locking …
(edit) @2925   9 years broder Add "cluster" blocks to {dev,prod}config for configuration openais.
(edit) @2924   9 years gdb Updated hvirt config
(edit) @2923   9 years gdb Updated cfg for hvirt-config
(edit) @2920   9 years gdb Removed invirt-web-afs-apache
(edit) @2914   9 years gdb Initial build of invirt-web-afs-apache. Package builds but has not …
(edit) @2910   9 years quentin Put the MOTD at /etc/invirt/motd.html and parse it as HTML
(edit) @2909   9 years gdb Removed nonexistance makefile target and redundant ch{mod,gp}ing
(edit) @2908   9 years gdb Now k5login installs
(edit) @2907   9 years pweaver Cleared up cert language
(edit) @2906   9 years gdb Fixed up changelog
(edit) @2905   9 years gdb Make sed not hang when there are no firewall files
(edit) @2904   9 years gdb Fixed IPs in hvirt-devconfig
(edit) @2903   9 years gdb Forgot to close my changelog
(edit) @2902   9 years gdb Updated changelogs
(edit) @2901   9 years gdb Added cleans for the generated mako templates
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